Hannibal “Naka-choko” Review (2×10)

2 May

Hannibal - Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko - Promotional Photos (2) Will Graham seems like he’ll do whatever it takes to take down Hannibal Lecter, but does that mean he’s willing to become the very man Hannibal wants him to become, to have that inner beast coaxed out of him? Or, is he only willing to put up a front? I’m leaning toward the “putting up a front” end of things; I’m fairly certain that Freddie’s still alive, and Will’s put together a plan, intending to delve deeper into his connection with Hannibal and to twist the knife. Still, as confident as I am about this, the show handles the situation with just enough ambiguity to suggest otherwise. This episode does make one thing clear, though: Will’s crossed a line that he won’t cross back over.

“Naka-choko” conveys this idea stylistically, laying out a situation in which Will’s essentially becoming Hannibal. For thematic purposes, it makes no difference right now whether or not he killed Freddie Lounds; the point is that he’s still an instrument to be played, a psyche to be molded, a pupil to be taught. As much as he believes in his ability to steer clear of his darkest–and therefore, those that Hannibal most desires to bring to the surface–tendencies, he’s still getting sucked in. He may be fishing and luring, but he’s still in the water, with Abigail Hobbs right next to him to remind him of the past.

Going back to my point about the stylistic choices, the three (four? FIVE?) way scene is a great example: it melds a multitude of aspects together, even having Will fantasize about Alana while with Margot. It’s an understandable thought for him, considering his empathy problems, and all this transitions nicely into the dinner scene between the three. Here, Alana recognizes that the emotional bond shared between Will and Hannibal is stronger than the one she shares with either one of them; she might be part of a threesome, but she knows she’s the outsider (hopefully, that means a smarter and stronger Alana moving forward).

Elsewhere, Freddie Lounds’s adventures evoke those of Beverly Katz, and we’re introduced to Michael Pitt’s compelling Mason Verger. It’s interesting that we’re now seeing him at the same time as Will’s mind war with Hannibal, as much like Lecter, he’s in the apparent position of power. However, Hannibal’s not Margot, and Will isn’t the Will he knew before. The character interactions are endlessly compelling here, none more so than the final one of the episode. It’s an intense, darkly humorous, and chilling sequence that’s hard to tear your eyes away from.

As Will’s face morphs into Hannibal’s at the end, we’re left wondering: what’s next?



-This is a very attractive cast, an idea highlighted in that sex scene.

-The meat’s still human, that’s for sure! Hannibal’s face when he takes the bite=love.

-I’m not sure how to feel about Margot and Will sleeping together. I understand the idea about the heir, but the politics are a little icky here; I’ll give Fuller the benefit of the doubt, though.

-Real Joker vibe from Michael Pitt’s performance. Also, it’s interesting to see him like this after watching him as Jimmy Darmody. Still, great job, and I look forward to more.

-Lamb reference X2!

-“You slice the ginger.”

Photo credit: NBC, Hannibal

One Response to “Hannibal “Naka-choko” Review (2×10)”

  1. Max May 3, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    No he didn’t kill her Hannibal nearly noticed it at the end of the Episode when he says this meat doesn’t taste like pork as in it didn’t taste like humanfleash usely taste to him. Infact what Will Graham has done is rather clever, by convincing Hannibal that Freedie is dead in that they have eaten her he won’t come after her, now dr Bloom on the other hand is finnaly getting her eyes opened perhaps she does deserve to get slashed considdering her crimes against Will

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