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Hannibal “Naka-choko” Review (2×10)

2 May

Hannibal - Episode 2.10 - Naka-Choko - Promotional Photos (2) Will Graham seems like he’ll do whatever it takes to take down Hannibal Lecter, but does that mean he’s willing to become the very man Hannibal wants him to become, to have that inner beast coaxed out of him? Or, is he only willing to put up a front? Continue reading

Hannibal “Shiizakana” Review (2×09)

26 Apr

Hannibal - Season 2

“Adapt. Evolve. Become.”

As we watch Hannibal Lecter’s and Will Graham’s relationship develop, the question becomes: Who has the upper hand? Is it Hannibal, fostering the killer inside what he views as his mentee, or is it Will, luring Dr. Lecter into a false sense of security before he tears him apart?

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Hannibal “Su-zakana” Review (2×08)

18 Apr

Hannibal - Episode 2.08 - Su-zakana - Promotional Photos (9)

“Is your social worker in that horse?”

The last few episodes of the show have all been absolutely stellar, keeping up a pounding pace with tension, compelling character interactions, and horrifyingly beautiful imagery. Hannibal, understandably, now has to tone it down a bit before it moves into the final arc of the season; of course, that doesn’t mean “Su-zakana” isn’t still a very entertaining episode in its own right.

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Hannibal “Takiawase” Review (2×04)

22 Mar


Hannibal is full of death, but the way the show handles it is so artful.

The various crime scenes dreamed up by the writers showcase a wide variety of imaginative, unique, and truly unsettling imagery, and that’s no different with the bee (BEES?! Sorry, I had to make that reference) corpse this week. However, what I want to expand upon is the idea of death from a psychological and emotional perspective.

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Hannibal “Sakizuki” Review (2×02)

8 Mar

dd61809af2c6484dc8939806c8682458“One of these things is not like the other.”

“Sakizuki” opens with a terrifyingly intense sequence, one in which Roland Umber, the man caught in the eye of people from the end of last week’s episode, attempts to escape. The camera follows him as he agonizingly rips himself free, tears through a cornfield, and ultimately plunges to his death.

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Hannibal “Kaiseki” Review (2×01)

1 Mar

Hannibal - Season 2This right here is art.

Season 1 of Hannibal burst onto the scene with an operatic, intense, and beautiful thirteen episodes that transcended our expectations, and it’s back and better than it was before. When we last left off, the roles of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham had been switched, leaving Will behind bars and Lecter to take his place in the real world; now, Fuller’s exploring the various nuances and complexities behind the inversion, and it’s some fantastic television.

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